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Recognizing that every brand is a unique selling proposition, choosing the right distributor partners is a critical first step to successfully launching your brand in Canada.

Similarly, knowing which retail mass grocery accounts to approach and when to make the presentation is integral towards a successful listing and brand growth.

Working closely with our key Canadian Distributor partners sales staff/teams ensures your brands' marketing & promotional activity are fully communicated, understood and supported by them which keeps your products front of mind and reinforces the long term growth of your brand at retail store level.

Integra Brand Management also provides our retailers with market intelligence including category information, in-store marketing and brand education. We work with our retail partners to ensure they have the optimal product mix available on their shelves to help them keep their consumers coming back. Retailers are the crux (or heart or essence) of our business and we are excited to bring them innovative brands and promotional ideas to allow them to be competitive and grow their businesses.